Do I have a chance at getting into the college of Business?

<p>I currently am a junior midway through high school and want to attend UIUC.</p>

<p>I have a 3.7 GPA
I have taken one ACT so far, got a 29, planning on taking three more before applying.
15 AP/Honors by the end of my senior year.
No A's in any of the AP/Honors.
Mostly B's and C's...One D in Honors Chemistry Sophomore year second semester.
Taken two business classes this year, A's in both.
Taking six semesters of business next year, 4 semesters are weighted business classes.
So a total of 8 semesters of business classes, but six don't count towards GPA.
Committee Chair in my Student Council.
Activities: Ultimate Frisbee, Cross Country, Urban Arts Club, Student Council, Lots of Volunteer Hours</p>

<p>Will me taking rigorous classes but getting lower grades in them and even a D in one semester kill my chances completely from getting into the college of business? I have been successful in my business classes so far. I would like to hear the odds of me getting in because that one D is really killing me.</p>

<p>Thanks for any replies!</p>

<p>ehhh I don't think you'll get admitted directly to business. not getting an A in An honors or AP courses may hurt. don't get me wrong of I loves to see people take rigorous classes but u gotta get the grades. I think you're ACT is fine but that d and some C I think can hurt your chances for admission for business.</p>

<p>business is suuuppper popular Nd very competitive.</p>

<p>Your issue is actually whether you can get into UIUC. It sounds like you have a GPA that is low for UIUC. One D may not kill your chances but having just Bs and Cs otherwise does not bare well for admission and you need to bring up GPA overall. </p>

<p>You should note that taking business courses in high school, unless you are referring to economics which is a social study course, is not going to help you get into UIUC or its business college. Vocational high school courses in business are not core college prep courses and it is the core college prep courses that are considered important in admission, meaning English, math, social studies, lab science, and foreign language.</p>

<p>Well, I have gotten B's (In my Honors math classes, AP/honors social studies classes, and honors English), only about 3 C's and my D (All in my honors science classes) and A's in all my regular courses (so around half of my classes).</p>

<p>If I were to raise my ACT to something like a 32 or higher would I be able to get accepted into UIUC at all? </p>

<p>And if I were to apply undecided would that increase my chances of getting accepted?</p>

<p>You're automatically considered for general studies. even though you're c's and one d were in honors it showed that u struggled in some classes. I think it can depend on what classes those grades were in. I don't know if raising your ACT would do a whole lot. Im not trying to be mean or anything but u of I is very competitive college and this year the aMount that applied went up 8 percent from last year. a little over 30000 applied.</p>

<p>A higher ACT can help to overcome a somewhat low GPA but GPA and course difficulty are considered more important than test score. It is hard to tell from info given what your actual GPA is but in calculating you should understand that A's in health, PE, drivers ed, and any of those vocational business courses will not be counted in the evaluation. The GPA that is important is the one derived from core college prep courses. </p>

<p>DGS is easier to get into than other colleges but if you apply to another college and it decides not to accept you, you will then be considered for DGS. The business college does a full file review, considers ECs and essays to be important, and is the hardest college to get into (has an acceptance rate below 40%). However, many rejected by business are admitted to DGS.</p>

<p>How many applications do you think UIUC got this year?</p>

<p>in an article they said they got around 31500 whichis up 7 percent from last year so they got a ton</p>

<p>Holy ****! That's crazy. How many do you think get accepted?</p>

<p>I think instead of worrying if you can get in, you should be thinking about if you can succeed at UIUC. If you didn't get A's in honors classes, do you really think you can do well at one of the best business colleges in the US? Not trying to be a jerk, but just looking out for you and your future success.</p>

<p>Estan well said.</p>

<p>So would I be able to get into UIUC in undecided? I am fairly confident that I could perform at a pretty good level since I could have done a lot better in school had I not slacked off. However, my main concern now is simply if I would have a chance at getting in period.</p>

<p>You'll get in to DGS no problem...I've seen people with far lower GPAs and ACTs get in. I doubt you get into business though. If you go into DGS, make sure you'll be able to do well enough to be able to transfer into business.</p>

<p>What happens if I am unable to maintain the requirements necessary to get into business? Would I have to pick a different major?</p>

<p>Is this your weighted GPA?</p>

<p>Yes it is my weighted GPA</p>

<p>I say you dont sweat it!</p>