Do I have a chance at Grace Church School, Calhoun or Horace Mann?

<p>Hi! I am currently in 8th grade, and I am planning on applying to the schools above (Grace Church,Calhoun, and Horace Mann) this year. All of the schools are in NYC. My grades range from B+ to A, I play American football and run track. I've already had all of my interviews for these schools. On the ISEE, I had an 8,6,6, and a 4. I am of African descent so I know that I am already a minority. I already go to a private middle school in the city.</p>

<p>How high are my chances for these schools? Are there any areas in which I am lacking? Please let me know! I really want to attend one of these schools. Thanks guys!</p>

<p>You’re posting in the wrong forum. Ask this question in the Chances forum.</p>

<p>Those schools are very different in many ways. Horace Mann has a rep for caring about the ISEE scores. Calhoun is the complete opposite in many ways. Calhoun not only has the most amazing and impressive head of school that I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to speak…but it’s a progressive school. They look at the whole child and not only your test scores. Test scores for Calhoun aren’t important…if I remember correctly they don’t require the ISEE test…they make their own assessment from your interview and your school report and recommendations are important. As for Grace Church…it’s too new for me to say. It’s only two years old…even though their lower school has a certain repuation with admissions when it comes down to what is and isn’t important…the high school is just to new for me to comment on. I do know a few kids that go there and are happy. I also know that maybe half of my daughter’s classmates are applying to Grace HS. As soon as you know it, 2/12 will be here. Good luck </p>