Do I have a chance at Harvard, Oxford, or any other IV?

SAT: 2140
AP's: AP Euro (got a 4), AP Bio (3), AP Gov (5), AP Chem (3), AP Calculus(4), AP Spanish (3), APUSH (5)
I've taken all the AP and honors my school offers
Top 10% of class</p>

<p>EC's: President of Social Lights (2 Years) Class of 2012 Secretary, Academic Decathlon (4 years) Newspaper (3 years, Head Writer+VP) Book Club(I started this at the school and am P), 150+ hours of volunteering.I've studied/vacationed in Norway and Germany for the past two summers.
I'm aware that my scores aren't amazing and I don't want to get my hopes up too high.</p>


<li>Oxford is not an Ivy.</li>
<li>Oxford and Cambridge's admissions decisions are based on an entirely different set of criteria than that of top American colleges, so I can't judge for that. It's all about whether you can do the academic work in your major field; extracurriculars hardly matter, and you are admitted based on your competence in your proposed field of study.</li>
<li>I think, actually, Oxford and Cambridge's application deadline for current seniors passed in October.</li>
<li>For Ivies, you are qualified, but there's nothing jumping at me as a particular reason to admit you (unless perhaps the studying abroad was particularly academically rigorous or tied to what you want to study in college?). There are just a lot of applications, so many applications like yours might be passed over if they don't have that special something. (Which can come from recs and essays, for certain.)</li>

<p>For Oxford and Cambridge, you need straight "5"s in all APs related to your planned course of study.</p>