Do I have a chance at TAMS?

I’m a sophomore in Frisco and I am applying for the 2024 class of TAMS. Based on my grades and some of my extracurriculars, does anybody think I have a shot or do I still need to add more?

4.49 weighted GPA
3.75 unweighted GPA
Football Team 2020
Texas Ford Aquatics Swim Club
Computer Science Club
MAO(Mu Alpha Theta)
Debate Team (2021 and 2022)
NJHS 2019
NHS 2021
SMARTS Club (STEM/ Tutoring place)2019 and 2020
Advanced Theatre 2020
Best Technician UIL Theatre 2020
3rd place UIL Theatre 2020
Lead Actor in class play 2019
Presidential Academics Award 2020
Spelling Bee 2019
ChessKidsNation(Online chess) 2021
2 week Computer Science summer camp, (created by AP Computer Science Students) 2021
Volunteer at setting up school fair 2019
Volunteer for picking up trash around community
Will compete in UTD Computer Science Competition
Will take SAT on October 2nd, 2021
Participated in a couple of LeetCode competitions (don’t know if that counts)


8th grade:

PAP Algebra 1: 93
Spanish 1: 85


9th grade:

PAP Geometry: 93
PAP Biology: 88
PAP English: 89
Spanish 2: 93
Debate 1: 97.5
Computer Science 1: 100
Health: 93
Prof Comm: 100
World Geography: 94.5

100th percentile on Bio STAAR
93rd percentile on English STAAR

Got a 93 on CBE for Algebra 2 in July 2021

Just started 10th grade :slight_smile:

I know my grades aren’t good but if I get a good score on my SAT (1450+), do I have a better shot? I have studied for the last year for it. I don’t know if this will reach out to anyone but please reply if possible.


Hello. I am also applying to the TAMS class of 2024, and I hope to see you there! Your extracurriculars look really good, so maybe that combined with a good SAT score may balance out a few Bs here and there. I guess it also depends on how you do on the essay and short answer questions, in addition to teacher recommendations. I am by no means an expert, but I this is my impression of your chances. Good luck :slight_smile:

Also, could you check out my Chance me thread? It’s titled Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science: Chance me/ Info needed. I’m kind of nervous about my application since I come from a small school with fewer opportunities.