"Do I Have a Chance?" - check this out

<p>Seems every other thread on this boards is of the "do I have a chance?" variety, which once read is either shameless bragging or worried whining.</p>

<p>Check out the following to organize your application, assuming you are starting early enough, or to see where you have to take your SAT or ACT scores:</p>


<p>The "secret" to gaining admission is dedication to your goal, organization, and maintaining obvious good character. If the fact that the cut off age for admission is 23 is not an important fact to you - you likely arent truely dedicated.</p>

<p>So show some smarts and some self-responsibility and stop asking "do I have a chance?". The fact you ask is a bad sign.</p>

<p>If you are dedicated and sincere and under 23 the answer is always: yes.</p>