Do I have a chance for bsmd with a 1460 sat?

I’m a junior who’s probably going to apply next year but I am very stressed as I only have a 1460 sat. Do I have a chance of getting into one with this score? Should I apply test optional? Should I apply at all?

Here’s the good news- you can get into lots of colleges with your score, and then apply to med school like most aspiring physicians down the road… You could have a 1600 and still not get into a BSMD program- they are super competitive, and they look for lots of things other than high test scores. You have lots of time- and this is a marathon, not a sprint.


I am not familiar with all BS/MD programs. Of the BS/MD programs with which I have some basic knowledge, a 1460 SAT score would be considered too low for serious consideration.

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You still have a decent shot at some EAP like SLU med scholars or BS/DO like LECOM programs that accept a lower SAT. However, all of these will still require you to have exceptional medical related extracurriculars and essays

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Please try to increase your SAT score to a 1550 level to have a realistic chance, IMO.

Do not be discouraged! I applied test-optional to GW/GW and Pitt GAP and got accepted into both (had SAT in the high 1300s).

Curious as to how long ago your acceptances were & whether or not you are an URM.

Thank you in advance for any response.

This is may be due to special circumstances this cycle. Things may change in future and test optional may be gone. You seems to be lucky this cycle.