DO I have A chance for Wharton

Senior Applied Ed for management for entrepreneurship and innovation
Race Black URM First Gen
Location Richmond VA

Academics School

Academy for Developing Entrepreneurs- did pitches against classmates and won many and also did compete against students at local colleges and create business plans
4.5/4 gpa
3bs throughout high school honors English and AP stats
Class Rank 8/407
8 ap classes
Only took 2 ap exams due to financial cost
APUSH-3 AP World 4
Sat-(1270 sophomore year june) didn’t get to take again but got 1440 on my psat junior year but i went test optional
School never sent anyone to ivies at all

Class President 3 x
DECA- 2x State Finalist, 1x ICDC Participant,3x districts finalist Historian-Vice President
Hosptial Volunteer 100+ hours
Mentor and Tutor at my mom’s inner-city daycare
Track and Field Discuss and shot put 3x varsity field captain
Founder and manager of tutor club specialized in math and history
Create a youtube channel that interview a famous singer and also helped create food drives for the homeless through brand
Freshmen Mentor- Mentor and President
Historian- Beta Club
Found and Manger of history buff club and econ club.

Common App: Dont know how they are most tell me they are good but getting mixed ideas but the topic about was how i had to uplift my school like helping save my failing teammates from failing track season to us actually being able to compete and how i helped solve some of the key problems at my school and my problems with pitching for entrepreneurship competitions for deca and my academy and helping my mom and many other daycares get their money back from the state

Penn Essays

Essay 1
Talked about my love for history and successful businessmen Carnegie Bezos and how their my role models and how I wish to attend Wharton to help create a consulting firm that helps startups and small business, especially in inner cities, become successful

Essay 2
Talked about how I hope to be able to become a leader in youth hack and also continue my pitching career through wuec club and organize events and doing community service like i always have done for the community of Philadephia

1st teacher talked about how he has rarely seen a kid like me at my school driven and motivated about their academics and mention my state finalist for deca and me being class president my other teacher mention the same things

I just want honest feedback i just don’t feel like ill get in since my essays seemed horrible

You’ve already applied ED so there’s not much point in chancing you----your decision won’t change in any way. However, what you can do is to give your alumni interview (if offered one based on alumni availability) 110%, make sure to keep your grades in school high, and work on your RD applications. Good luck!! :smile:

but do you think i have a great shot i am also applying to vandy and memory and ucla and uc Berkely and umich