Do i have a chance getting into Stanford, if so, what do i need to do.

<p>I am a high school sophomore (class of 09). I have a 3.82 GPA. I am a member of the Varsity Baseball team and will be on the Varsity Swim team starting this winter. I have started a music (mainly rock and roll) club within my school and am the co-president, i am a member of the 2009 class planning committee, and i have taked guitar and drum lessons (as well as self taching myself the bass guitar) for about 3 years apiece. Last summer, i was a part of a leadership program that took place on a sailboat in the Carribean through my summer camp, and i also did volunteer work in Chester, PA. As a 7th grader, I scored a 980 on the SATs (did not study for them), i work as a councilor at a sailing camp in north carolina. I am also a member of the jewish club, amnesty international club, and the green team (environmentalist club) within my school. I go to a very small and competitive school in Atlanta, GA. My school has about 100 kids per grade, all of which graduate each year, and most of which go on to very fine colleges. </p>

<p>Do i have a chance to get into Stanford with these grades and credentials?</p>

<p>"so, what do i need to do"</p>

<p>Start working on your grammar and spelling ASAP...</p>

<p>some serious advice would be helpful. i mean, its not like i'm perfect, i can make a grammar mistake every once in a while</p>

<p>I don't see anything that stands out.</p>

<p>Something that makes me go, "Oh my god, this kid is amazing!"</p>

<p>Sure, you have a chance; it's still early. Work on raising your GPA, and study hard for the SATs; 700+ on each section will put you in the majority. Sounds like you've got some interesting activities. Your essays are going to be extremely important, but deal with that when the time comes. In the meantime, in addition to grades/SAT, remember that colleges want to see what you're passionate about, not just a laundry list of lots of ECs. Ask yourself, "Do I really enjoy what I'm doing? Have I matured because of this experience? Or am I just sitting in this club meeting because I want it to be on my resume?" If you respond yes to the last question, then that is bad, and you'd better find something you love =]</p>