Do I have a chance in any of these colleges!?

first off here is what I’ve got.
Gpa 3.65
7 AP classes
All honors classes besides the AP but not weighted
Around 200 hours of community service
26 on the ACT
I play lacrosse and hockey
Yearbook editor
And I believe i have a really good essay for the common app
I’m asian as well
Would I be able to get into any of these schools: Stanford, Emory, UC San Diego, Brown, Baylor, Vanderbilt, UNC @ chapel hill

Unless you are a recruited athlete at these schools they are all a high reach and most likely out of reach. Your stats would put you in the bottom 5% of accepted students and if admitted you would have great difficulty with the academic load.

Agree with @TomSRofBoston: The schools on your list look out of reach based on your GPA and Test scores. You need to aim lower for better chances. Use the Supermatch feature on this website to help zero in on some acceptable choices. What is your Home state? How much can your parents afford?

Colorado and not to much

What schools would be in my reach and I’m trying to pursue a medical career

Why are you not considering the University of Colorado? Great in state school.

Yeah I am applying there but I’m trying to open up other options to see where I can possibly go

It sounds like cost is an issue, so I’d suggest scratching any UCal off your list – you’ll be paying OOS price and there’s not much money for scholarships unless they really really want you. Stanford and Brown definitely out of reach as well. UWisc or UMinn are possibilities to get into and good schools if you want to go OOS.

I wouldn’t waste your time applying to any of those schools except maybe Baylor (but I don’t know much about it tbh). Your test scores are simply much too low to be admitted and your GPA is on the lower side as well.