Do I have a chance of getting into Andover or Lawrenceville despite my grades?

<p>Do I have a chance of getting into Andover despite my grades?
Last year (I am a rising sophomore) for my final grades I got an A+, a B+, and 3 Bs. The A+ was in bio. I messed around when it came to school work but I am getting my act together, and I plan on getting straight A's next year.
I volunteer at the Red Cross, Kilmer Center, (with disabled kids) and Georgetown University Hospital for several hours a week.
I organized the first blood drive at my school for the first time in several years, which was a lot of hard work.
I have played both piano and tennis for 7 years. I have won ice skating medals.
I speak three languages fluently (Chinese, Farsi, and Spanish)
I am the co-founder of a club that raises money for cystic fibrosis research.
I held a fundraiser at my school that raised almost a thousand dollars for Alzheimer's research.
I currently go to a very competitive all-girls private school, but I don't know if that will help. I am taking the PSAT in the fall and will be submitting those scores. I also plan on being a neurosurgeon.
Do you think I still have a chance of getting into Andover and Lawrenceville? What would help me improve those chances? Thank you for your help! :)</p>

<p>Although I am not an admissions officer, so I can’t guarantee a yes or a no, I would say that you are a perfectly qualified candidate. The A+ is good, but really try to bring the other grades up, too. Since BS require your transcript from three years before you are applying, if they see that your grades used to be mediocre and then became stellar, it would really speak to the amount of dedication and discipline you have. Also, all of your charity work is a major plus. You seem to do a lot of work with special needs - do you have a reason for that? Like a family member or friend that has had special needs? Because that would make for a good essay topic. Even if you don’t, the charity work itself would be a good essay topic. Plan to study VERY hard for the PSAT, because although it doesn’t count for a lot, it could still very well be your make-it-or-break-it point if your grades don’t improve. Also, with your application, be sure to include a CD or DVD of you playing the piano. You should contact the tennis coach(s) of the schools you plan to apply to as well. Good luck, and I wish you the best in your application!</p>