Do I have a chance of getting into Tulane ED 2021?

Hi! I will be applying to Tulane ED1 in the upcoming admissions cycle, and I was wondering if I could get some opinions on if I have a chance of getting into Tulane during the ED round. I will be majoring in chemistry.

White, Female, Out of State
ACT: 33
UW GPA: 3.9 ( 2 B’s first semester freshman year in Pre-AP Bio/English, 1 High C first semester of AP Calc AB, other than that all A’s)
W GPA: 4.2

Subject Tests:
Chemistry: 790
Spanish: 770

12 AP’s by The End of Senior Year
Government - 5
English Language and Composition - 5
Calculus AB - 3
European History - 3
Chemistry - 4
( I am worried about these scores in the college admissions process)

National Spanish Exam Silver Medalist
AP Scholar With Honor

Recommendation Letters
1 is from my chemistry teacher - 10/10, knows me very well and sponsored some of my clubs
1 is from my precalculus teacher and AP Calc AB tutor, 9/10, pretty close

Very strong Why Tulane supplement and very strong Commonapp essay

-Leadership Team at my Taekwondo School (I am a black belt who teaches classes and run belt tests without getting paid)
-Assistant Office Manager
-Chemistry Tutor (Volunteer)
-Science Bowl Competitor
-Editor for my school’s literary art magazine
-Assistant teacher for Rice University Summer Camps (Volunteer)
-Varsity Basketball Player
-Founder/President of Eco-Club - Started a recycling program at our school. do bi-monthly service projects
(All of these have been done either starting my freshman or sophomore year of high school)

Demonstrated Interest

  • Visited Campus
  • Interviewed
  • Spoken to admissions rep
    -Spoken multiple times with student admissions ambassador
  • Visited 8 virtual events this summer

Any help is appreciated! Thank You :slight_smile:

I think you have a good chance as both your ACT score and GPA are 75th percentile and applying ED, especially this year, will be a big boost to your application. BTW, applying ED is the ultimate showing of “demonstrated interest” so you have no concerns there. Tulane is big on community service so show that in your application (if you can). I give your odds of acceptance in ED at greater than 50%.