Do I have a chance of into Yale?

<p>Okay...I am sixteen years old. I have a 4.0 gpa and I'm going to take all of the honors courses offered at my school. My extracurriculars include: playing piano (6yrs) and I take voice lessons (I won 1st in state this year singing duet). I also work part-time (if that counts). I am thinking about majoring in English with a minor in communications?? do I have any chance of getting into Yale?</p>

<p>It's really too early to tell you. You're still a sophomore, right? Just concentrate on doing well your junior year and making sure you pursue the things you love. It's too early to worry about college apps! (And plus, you haven't given us enough information for us to be able to tell you with any degree of certainty how you're shaping up.)</p>

<p>^ What muffincat said. Also, if you're interested in a major in English, I suggest getting involved in English-related extracurriculars next year (ie school newspaper, yearbook) so that colleges can see your demonstrated passion for it.</p>

<p>"do I have any chance of getting into Yale?"