Do I Have a Chance to Get into a Good College?

<p>Hi guys,
I'm a sophmore. My grades are ok, some Bs but mostly As. I'm on the school's tennis team, a variety of clubs, a founder of a club and a treasury for another club. I play flute and Im taking flute exams. My tennis ranking is not very high but i'm working to be in the top 20 for my state. I want to get into ivy league schools, what are my chances? and any suggestions for me?

<p>No ethnicity
No hooks
No awards
no class ranks
no APs/SATs
no Honor classes
o boy how can I help you even if I want to? You've told almost nothing!</p>

<p>Poor're only a sophomore! Wait till your junior year is done at least until you start posting chance threads.</p>

<p>And, yeah, like the guy before said, you've posted almost nothing about yourself, and nothing too specific.</p>