do i have a chance upenn biomedical sciences major?

<p>I'm a Sophomore/Male/Indian. Top five in class in class. GPA: Unweighted-4.4</p>


Honors Biology-A+
World History-A+
Integrated Computer Applications-A
Honors English I-A
German II-A+
Honors Algebra II-A</p>

Honors Precalculus-B+
Honors US History I-A
AP Microeconomics-A
AP Chemistry-B+
German III-A
Honors English II-A-
Honors Orchestra-A</p>

<p>Junior ( expected grades listed):
AP English Language-B+
AP US History-A
AP Biology-A
AP Calculus BC-B+
Honors German IV-A
AP Macroeconomics-A
Honors Orchestra-A</p>

<p>Senior (schedule for next year):
AP Lit
AP Physics
AP German
AP Government and Politics
AP Psychology
AP European History
AP Computer Science
Honors Orchestra</p>

<p>SATs: CR: 740, Math: 790, Writing: 760 (2290)
SAT II's: Math: 750, Chemistry: 700, taking Bio (Expected 700+)
AP Tests: Micro:4, Chem: 4

<p>High School Baseball for all four years of HS
American Legion Baseball all four years
Cross Country since sophomore year (JV captain)
Winter Track since sophomore year
Model UN-Captain as a Senior
German National Honors Society
Mock Trial-since sophomore year
Captain of Chess team since 11th grade
German Club- treasurer
Science League, captain from junior year
Mathletes, Captain as a senior
Chemistry Olympics
100 hours of volunteer service at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
100 hours at Kumon
50 hours American Red Cross
dedicated violinist have played since i was 5. invovled in many smaller out of school orchestras</p>

<p>I would hazard to say yes, you have a good chance.
What the heck your senior year is ridiculous. I didn't realize schools would even let you do that! I am impressed.
But anyway, your scores are really good, and your classes/grades are also really good. You have crazy ECs. I mean, you should DEFINITELY apply.</p>

<p>thanks for the advice. i might drop a class senior yr. though. and that gpa is weighed (its a typo)</p>