Do I Have a Chance?

<p>Indian Male; High-Income Household;Competitive Oregon Public School</p>


<p>UW: 3.8 W: 4.2/4.3
Rank: 10/450
SAT: 2100+ (projected, took in October)
SAT II: 700 (math); 800 (bio); 800 (US History)
APs: 5,5,5,5,4,3,3,3
Classes: AP (Calc AB/BC; Enviro; Bio; Lang; Lit; U.S. history; Chem; Stats; physics) IB (History SL ;Anthropology SL) Six classes at a local community college (all As)
Extra Circs:
Speech and Debate
4 Years. Captain two years, treasurer one. Qualified for NFL nationals, went to state twice.
Placed at State four times, including 2nd, quarter finals, finals, and super congress. Over 40 other speech awards. (I've been to over 50 tournaments) </p>

Four Years. Nationals and three state state awards. Honorary member and current secretary. </p>

<p>Science Fair
Honorable Mention; Military Award</p>

<p>World Quest Trivia
Co-Captain Three years; placed top 11; top 6</p>

<p>Science Bowl
Co-Captain three years</p>

<p>Model United Nations
Three years. Ambassador last year.</p>

Library Board; City board (200 plus volunteering hours)
National Honor Society Board Member</p>

<p>I think you have a good shot. Nice leadership and awards. Don't forget to list "AP Scholar w/ Distinction" as one of your accomplishments and good luck.</p>

<p>Edit: You'll probably need to be around the mid 2100's on your SAT I......</p>

<p>Depends on where your looking to apply but overall your stats seem fine</p>