Do I have a chance?

<p>I'm an international applicant with Canadian nationality (though I currently live in Dubai and have been studying here for a year.) I will most likely end up in Canadian universities but I am about to submit my Common Application and am wondering what my chances are for the US universities I am applying to
These are:
Northwestern, Michigan, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Dartmouth, UPenn, Duke</p>

SAT1 - 2220 (800 Math, 740 CR, 680 Wr) - will do it again..
SAT2 - Math2:800 Physics:750 Will do Chemistry in January.
GPA: Since I've been in Canadian schools, the marks are in percentages.
G10 - 78 - was 2 months late for first term, also wasn't focusing all that much then..
G11 - 95 (3 AP classes) - I believe that is a 4.8?
G12 - 96 so far (4 AP classes)
AP: AP Microeconomics (5), AP Macroeconomics (5), AP Physics B (5), AP French (4)
Will do Chemistry, English Language, Calculus BC and World History this year. Projected marks are all 5</p>

<p>Extracurriculars and other stuff: Our school and generally the whole area is lacking in opportunities unlike in US and Canada. Additionally I've moved around a lot, so that has prevented me from doing anything major..
I have - Volunteer work in India and Indonesia with NGO's.
80 hours volunteering at hospital
I play the cello and the piano very well and been in plenty of orchestras and have won a few awards (though none very special) I only started to learn the cello as I thought it would be good in university admissions. I started in grade 10, but have gotten quite good. Piano I've been playing since I was 7.
Helped create and was head of the school paper
Created and was head of the chess club
Was a member of the schools basketball and soccer club/team.
Was a member of the school ice hockey team back in Canada in grade 10.
I can speak 4 languages fluently - English, French, Spanish and Arabic.
Very good teacher recommendations.</p>

And if I don't have a good chance in any of those, please suggest some other good universities as I still have some time to change :/</p>