Do I have a Chance?

<p>Hello Hope to see someone tell me, if i have a chance?</p>

<p>I'm a international student, but study in MA.
SAT:1820 reading 620, Math 650, Writing 550
GPA: (uw) 3.2 (w) around 3.7
Essays: not sure how well i did
Activities: Concert Master, Teacher assistant in school orchestra, Lead Baritone singer on and off campus. and many different activities. Community Services(a lot). Varsity Baseball for 3 years, Drama club: participate in Drama Festival. Math League: scorer in Massachusetts Mathematical League competition, alternate scorer for New England Mathematics League in 2010 and 2011.</p>

<p>Honor: won many art and music competitions including Boston art competition, and colleges competition.</p>

<p>Honor Society: International Thespian Society 2 years</p>

<p>Gender: Male</p>

<p>Ethnicity: Asian</p>

<p>holy crap, your uw gpa is LOW</p>

<p>well is because i have a 3.0 GPA in Freshman year, but improve a lot during Junior year. I have 2 honor 1 AP and my uw gpa at that year is much much higher. does improve help?</p>

<p>Truthfully, I would say maybe. GPA is important to UW too as well as essays.</p>