Do I have a Chance?

<p>I'm possibly looking to transfer out of my current school. In high school, I had 4.29 GPA with a 1270 on my SATs and a 700, 690, and a 520 on my SAT IIs. I took 14 honors classes and 5 APs with 2 4s and a 3 on 3 out of 5 exams. I was a member of class government for 3 years, Model UN for 4 years (Under secretary general senior year), assistant editor of the yearbook, and National Honor Society secretary. My GPA this semester will probably be around a
3.3+.I currently am a freshman at a small LAC. I am also an out of state student. Do you think I have a chance?</p>

<p>Anyone?? I'd appreciate your help :></p>

<p>Hmm, it's definitely tough to tell. I don't know how it is with transfer students, but you'd probably be facing an uphill struggle during regular admission. Out of staters don't get the benefit of the doubt it seems, so that might work against you. But it couldn't hurt to try- I really have no idea how transfers work.</p>

<p>Thanks for your help :)</p>