Do I have a chance?

<p>Do i have a shot at any of the 3? University of Minnesota, Penn State, Ohio State
I have a 3.2 unweighted and a 3.5 weighted GPA
630 math 550 reading 560 writing on my SAT.
EA: 2 Varsity letters in marching band and ultimate Frisbee (came in 2nd place in the state twice in the row).
-Work Experience
-Volunteer hours
-Asian Culture Club, Officer of the Yahtzee Club.
-Habitat for Humanity and Action Against Hunger club
-2 Teacher Recommendations
I added other stuff like im a 2nd degree black belt and i play guitar for my church's youth band. I had my essay proof read a ton by my teachers so I believe its good. Those are three of my top five colleges (already got into drexel and michigan state university). Responses are appreciated. Thanks.</p>

<p>All three are stretches, Penn State and OSU in particular. Not out of the question, but stretches.</p>