Do I have a chance?

Hey everyone my name is nicole
I am a Senior in HS and i have already applied to Montclair state university a few days after the application went out. I am interested in attending for Filmmaking. Im in a Arts academy and i have taken 4 years of tv production classes, I have worked with hbo and state competitions. I work with the tv club to film elizabeth school news and live shows. I have a gpa of 3.21 as of right now. I have all A.P. classes and honors too!!! I really want to go its my dream school!!!

I think so. Montclair has a 70% acceptance rate, so you should be fine.
My boyfriend lives in Elizabeth, too, I know the schools are horrible, so AP classes will make you stand out.
Montclair is my top school too!

I just got in with a 2.89 UW with 6 honors and 1 AP…You’re bound to get in!