do i have a chance?

<p>want to know what do you think my chances are getting into emory:</p>

<p>-I have GPA for 3.625 (unweighted I am guessing because I have taken 6 AP courses including this year)
-I have also taken an AP test without ever taking the actual course (Bio) and gotten a 3 on it.
-I plan on taking AP macro economics test without taking the test
-I am in the top 3% of my class
-My SAT score is about 2000 with about even in each section (I am retaking the test for a third time in november).
-I am from India and moved to this country at the age of 10
-I have about 140 hours of community service
-I own my own web hosting company
-I have worked in a business environment for two summers plus also work at CVS.
-I am also very business and culturally oriented (Indian culture because I have been singing classical indian music since 8th grade.)
I just want to get an idea of if you think I will get into emory as it is one of my top choices.
-I live in ct by the way and want to major in business or ecnomics</p>

<p>i wouldn't swear by my words, but i'd say you've got a decent shot...</p>

<p>but i don't really know too much. good luck</p>

<p>I would say your chances are pretty average. Your courseload seems pretty weak, but your EC's are solid. Study hard for the SAT and try to get above a 2100. Good luck.</p>