Do I have a chance?

<p>I'm a female at a public school from the Boston area and I absolutely loved Fordham when I visited it in February.
-6.09/7.0 GPA
-ranked 12/212 students
CR 78
Math 63
Writing 67
(I'm working to bring up those scores for the real SATs in May)</p>

Grade 9:
Honors US History
Grade 10:
AP US History (got a 3 on the exam)
Honors English
took tutoring over the summer to get into spanish (I already take french)
Grade 11:
Honors English
Honors French</p>

<p>Projected courses for Grade 12:
Honors Spanish
AP French
AP Lit.
Independent Study in Latin</p>

Excellence in French (grades 9-11)
Honor Roll (grades 9-11)</p>

Tutoring a younger student in spanish twice a week
Wrapping gifts for the homeless at Xmas (grades 10-11)
National Honor Society
part-time job as a cashier at local supermarket</p>

<p>never heard of GPA out of 7, but looks like you are on the track for getting in to fordham. just keep working hard</p>

<p>so if one scales your gpa down to the 4.0 scale, you have about a 3.5 GPA, which is very good
Work on your APs. APs are a better than SATs in demonstrating that you are ready for college level work</p>