Do i have a chance

<p>I have a 35 on the act and 2400 on the sat. But, during my freshman and sophomore year i slacked off hard due to a lot of problems i was having in my life. So i now have an unweighted 3.6 at the end of my junior year and the sad thing is i made straight A's on all my IB classes this year. Although i made horrendous scores my freshman and sophomore years, I do have 7 AP exams with a score of 5, 4 of which i learned by myself. So what I'm asking here is do i have a chance? Oh and my high school is one of the oldest and highly ranked public schools in America, if that helps my chances.</p>

<p>sure, as long as you have stellar ec's and solid essays. You definitely have the intelligence, so explain in your essay how your hardships affected you, and then proceed to talk about how you're getting back on track and moving on with your life.</p>