do i have a chance?

I would really like to apply ED to middlebury, do i have a chance? What is the %age of acceptance for internationals?
Here are my stats:</p>


Crit: 750
Math: 650
Writing: 670
(plan to retake this fall)</p>

Lit: 770
French: 720
Bio: 750</p>

<p>GCSEs (10)
Math: A
English: A
Literature: A
Economics: A
Biology: A*
Chemistry: A*
Geography: A*
History: A*
French: A*
Computer Studies: A*</p>

<p>International Baccalaureate
(the highest grade is a 7, i've put my average grade)
Higher Level French-7
Higher Level History-7
Higher Level Economics-7
Standard Level Mathematics-5
Standard Level Biology-7
Standard Level English-7</p>

<p>GPA: Unfortunately my school doesn't give gpa scores and i haven't figured out how to convert them but on a scale of 42(the highest grade of 7 for 6 subjects) i had a 40 and 42 the past two sems and have been 3rd and 1st of my class of 86 this year.</p>

Debate/MUN: 4 years
Pan African Club(secretary): 4years
Rotary/Interact Club(secretary):4years
Yearbook(vice-editor):1 year
AThletics(discuss throw, 1st position):4 years
Choir:4 years
Leadership: hostel prefect(senior year) and compound prefect(junior year)
Science club: 1 year
Global Young Leaders Conference(2009)
School magazine(treasurer): 1 year
Cultural dance troupe: 1 year</p>

<p>Community Service:
-for 4 years i have headed a group that makes and sells jewellery to raise money for charity
-i headed a fundraising project by my class, we wrote and performed a play at the national theatre of Ghana, all proceeds were donated to charity
-with my class i helped build and paint the school and library that our project funded
-this summer i spent a week teaching and helping out at the school for the blind
-for a year and a half i have worked for free, 3 hours 3days a week at a shop that sells snacks at my school, all profits go to charity
-with the various clubs i belong at we have organised tree-planting activities, soup kitchens and other similar fund-raisers</p>

<p>so, do i stand a chance, as an international student? and does applying for aid hurt my chances?</p>

<p>In answer to you final two questions, I would say that yes you have a chance as an international student but, in so much that Middlebury is not need blind for international students, the amount of aid you seek might have an impact on your application.</p>

<p>You look awesome, but how do you have your IB scores already?</p>

<p>i dnt...those are my semester grades for junior year</p>