Do I have a decent chance of getting into the University of Maryland at Baltimore County?

I am now applying to colleges and UMBC is top on my list. My GPA is a 3.45 unweighted and a 4.2 weighted, throughout high school I have taken 4 AP classes total and all my other classes are Pre-AP. My sat was a 1080 which is why I am taking the act soon nonetheless I have received the Lubbock ISD scholar award-(for above average GPA), Talkington Scholar award- ( having GPA 4.2 or higher all year), Warrior Award- ( awarded to one student in each grade level who had shown the most progress throughout the year), and awarded for advanced to state competition in BEST robotics. However I am not involved in much due to personal reasons but I am a member of FTC robotics and Best robotics , have 34 hours of community service and also have an ongoing job. While I know doing this will not determine whether I get into this school I’d like to see other views.

What does your own guidance counselor say about this? Have students from your school with grades and test scores like yours been admitted to UMBC recently?

@happymomof1 I have a college mentor however she had been out of the country and won’t be back for another week or two and also no, none of the students at my school are interested in UMBC so I have no information.

It sounds like you have a great shot based on what I see on my son’s Naviance account. If you live anywhere other than MoCo, I’d say you could regard UMBC as a safety.

@1stTimeThruMom what do u mean by MoCo and regard as safety? Does it hurt my chances?

All I meant was that the competition from MoCo is more intense than from other counties, so it is not as much of a sure thing. Can you retake the SAT?