Do I have a good chance of getting accepted into UCF?!

<li>I live in massachusetts and attending a private high school</li>
<li>My gpa is 3.467 which I think is rounded to 3.5 if they get rounded up</li>
<li>My SAT score is 1440 with the three different parts combined with my highest in each time I took it, and got a 9 on the essay portion</li>
<li>I recently took the ACT and the scores didn't come in yet</li>
<li>Play varsity hockey and was rookie of the year freshmen year when I tarted</li>
<li>Playing super elite A (jr.A) hockey next year</li>
<li>For playing at a high level of hockey i should make the club hockey team at UCF</li>
<li>I play baseball and should be on varsity baseball senior year and will try out for baseball at UCF also</li>
<li>Will also participate in other extra-cirricular activities UCF has to offer</li>
<li>My intened major is going to be civil engineering</li>
<li>For math in h.s. I've taken geometry, algebra II, Pre-Calculus....Calculus honors next yr when I'm a senior</li>
<li>In h.s. for sciences I've taken Biology, Chemistry, Physics...Physics II next year when I'm a senior. All of which had labs</li>

<p>--Please let me know what your thoughts are!! Also if i should add any additional information, thanks!! I'm really hoping i get accepted here and is my first choice.</p>

<p>this is for the fall of 2011</p>