Do I have a good chance of getting accepted into USF?!

<li>I live in massachusetts and attending a private high school</li>
<li>My gpa is 3.467 which I think is rounded to 3.5 if they get rounded up</li>
<li>My SAT score is 1440 with the three different parts combined with my highest in each time I took it, and got a 9 on the essay portion</li>
<li>I recently took the ACT and the scores didn't come in yet</li>
<li>Play varsity hockey and was rookie of the year freshmen year when I tarted</li>
<li>Playing super elite A (jr.A) hockey next year</li>
<li>For playing at a high level of hockey i should make the club hockey team at UCF</li>
<li>I play baseball and should be on varsity baseball senior year and will try out for baseball at UCF also</li>
<li>Will also participate in other extra-cirricular activities UCF has to offer</li>
<li>My intened major is going to be civil engineering</li>
<li>Part of history club</li>
<li>For math in h.s. I've taken geometry, algebra II, Pre-Calculus....Calculus honors next yr when I'm a senior</li>
<li>In h.s. for sciences I've taken Biology, Chemistry, Physics...Physics II next year when I'm a senior. All of which had labs</li>

<p>--Please let me know what your thoughts are!! Also if i should add any additional information, thanks!! I'm really hoping i get accepted here and one of the tops of my list.</p>

<p>this is for the fall of 2011</p>

<p>You have a chance, but not a good one with your present SAT scores--you need to bump them up. Study for the tests this summer and take both ACT and SAT again. Your chances for USF admission are about the same as sliding into home--odds are you'll be tagged out but you might slip in safe. USF has club hockey; to be a walk-on on the baseball team you have to be really good like first team all-state caliber and if you are serious about engineering you probably wouldn't have time for baseball team that has a really long season with a lot of travel.</p>

<p>Too, if you do any admission essays (USF doesn't require one) make sure you get college name right.</p>

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<p>oops haha ya i meant to say USF in that not UCF</p>

<p>The grid in post #3 is for last year, and each year the lowest scores for any GPA have slowly been going up. Retake the SAT and aim for at least 500 in each section. USF does use the writing scores, but not on the grid. That may finally change for 2010-2011. And remember that the grid is for in-state. You need even higher numbers for out of state. </p>

<p>How many classes were honors? AP? How many AP science or math will you be taking senior year? If no AP, consider taking 1-2 SAT II tests to show how you compare to other students in those areas. Are you at a real competitive private school?</p>

<p>o great in screwed then, why do u have to have higher scores for out of state?
the school is pretty competitive i guess</p>