Do I Have a Good Chance of Getting Accepted?

Hi! I’m a junior in high school (class of 2023) and Pepperdine is my dream school! I’m super anxious about applications this summer. Does anyone who got accepted have similar stats?

3.8 GPA UW
600+ hours of work
Varsity tennis (all-state title)
30 hours community service
Church volunteering
Psych major (maybe)

I am planning to set up an interview and am working on ACT this summer.

Don’t have a dream school - no school is perfect and many out there would work very well for you.

Don’t know your rigor from an UW GPA, test, etc. but you are likely solid for Pepperdine.

But many go to their “dream school” and transfer out - there’s really no such thing.

So - I hope you get in but like all, have a list of reach, target and safety - make sure you can afford them, and you’ll do fine at Pepperdine - or elsewhere.

Here are their stats - your UW GPA is smack in the range. But again, we don’t know the rigor of classes you take…

Good luck.

Admission Fast Facts | Pepperdine University | Seaver College


@tsbna44 gave you some great advice. But if you’re interested, here is a thread that might give you some insight on recent acceptances this past fall’s early acceptance results: Pepperdine University Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

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You definitely have a chance of getting in. Focus on your WHY-Pepperdine as you brainstorm for the app process. If you can do more service this summer that might be helpful. Be sure your classes are advancing in rigor this fall or maintaining high standards. But again, focus on why the Pepperdine community is the right fit for you & how you may contribute. Good luck!