Do I have a good shot at Texas A&M Engineering (Current Junior in High school)

Howdy everyone, gonna jump into this and not waste your time

White Out-Of-State Male from NY

SAT: 1330 680 Math, 650 Reading (Retaking and expecting 1380-1420)

GPA: 95.133 Weighted on 100 pt scale (around 92 unweighted)

Class Rank: Top 5-10% (Exact number not available as I’m only a junior and the exact number is not available, my counselor told me “Decile One”)

Relevant Coursework:

  • 6 AP’s so far, 3 more next year (senior year)


  • DDP (Design/Draw and Produce)


  • CAD (Computer And Design)
  • AP Chem (3)


  • AP Comp Sci (AP Exam not taken yet)
  • AP Physics 1 (AP Exam not taken yet)
  • Academy of Engineering (Course offered by my school)

Senior (next year)

  • Academy of Engineering
  • AP Physics C
  • AP Calc BC


  • Civil Air Patrol (Since 11th) (Sort of like a JROTC for the USAF if you don’t know) (Counts as community service as-well 2hrs/week)
  • Robotics Club (Since 9th)
  • Co-founded and VP of Hydroponics Club (Since 10th)
  • Varsity Lacrosse (Since 9th)
  • Club Lacrosse (Since 7th)
  • VAASA (Varsity Athletes Against Substance Abuse Club, Since 9th)
  • Volunteer work at a food pantry
  • Volunteer with youth lacrosse
  • NHS


  • Principals List (95 Average or higher in a quarter) 7/8 times so far in high school
  • AP Scholar Award
  • Forgot the name but it’s an award for the Regents Exam (NYS/California specific tests on Honors/Regents courses)

Smaller Accolades / don’t know if I should put on the application or if they would help it

  • Won multiple club lacrosse tournaments in high school and 7th/8th grade
  • In 7th/8th grade( don’t know the exact year), my club coach selected me to attend a prestigious lacrosse camp (Trilogy Lacrosse Camp for those wondering) at Towson University where I played up in age (don’t know if this matters or will help my app)
  • West Point Lacrosse Camp Overall MVP for my age group (don’t know if this matters or will help my app)

Sorry if this is kinda long but Idk what I should/shouldn’t put on my application or if I even have chance at admission for Engineering.

I have visited the campus and I will be applying early. I am also thinking about joining the Corps of Cadets if I get in, more then likely not though

Thanks again, Go Aggies!

A&M has a 80% engineering admit rate.

@Greymeer Where do you get that number? A&M has a 60% acceptance rate overall, and the engineering department is even more selective.

As for The Snazzy Snug (for some reason I can’t tag you), I think your numbers look really good. There is no way to predict because you never know exactly what they are looking for, but it looks like you have a solid transcript. I think you could get accepted but then you don’t know if they will give you any scholarship money to take away the high OOS tuition. Or it’s possible they accept you to Galveston or Blinn. Don’t worry too much about it now, keep working hard, but don’t let anxiety or stress get to you. And make sure you have some other solid college picks to apply to. Applying earlier is a good idea, I would say by September if possible, definitely not past October.

80% is correct but includes all pathways excluding PSA. They are selective but have more options for admissions.

As for the snazzy, stats look great. Get the sat up but still a solid number with 1330 but a 1400 would look better. Your course rigor is perfect. Keep working hard and enjoy high school!! Have some back up plans for cost reasons. Tamu gives very little in scholarships.

Come back in the fall and let us know how it goes. Apply in July. Don’t wait.

I’m not sure what the right acceptance rate is but remember you compete for a pool of no more than 10% of the class. Also remember the top 10% auto admit is only for texas hs and academic admit will go away next cycle. Your background looks solid. I feel you can do well on sat if you put in the right time/effort/prep. Aim for high 1400s or 1500. And yes, applying early helps.

You just need to have the money talk, the rest is noise a this point. Will your parents pay full freight OOS $ for TAMU, and more importantly, would they pay that should you get non CSTAT options (very possible).

Shore up your instate options.

Can your parents pay $55,000 per year? That’s really the main question.

You most likely won’t get any scholarships. You are not a National Merit Finalist. Your test scores are on the lower end for engineering admissions. Don’t get me wrong, you sound like a great student and you will likely do really well at TAMU.

But can your family almost $200,000 for your education?

It does not appear they have that rate anymore. Here is 2019 and 2018 and these numbers include all of the FULL ADMIT academy spots. So College Station’s admit numbers are far lower.

Engineering 74% 85%

That is not true exactly. TAMU engineering by far has the highest percentage admit rate of any school at TAMU. This is due in part to all the academy full admits.

Here is it by college 2019/2018
Ag 44% 53%
Arch 37% 46%
Business Admin 38% 48%
Education 41% 48%
Engineering 74% 85%
Geo 60% 67%
Gen Studies 100% (But that is the Gateway etc kids)
Liberal Arts 47% 56%
Science 53% 62%
Vet 68% 72%
Public Health 52% 57%