Do I have a good start and Yale?

<p>I know it's very early to start worrying about this. Nonetheless, i'm a 100% Hispanic female and i'm 15 years old. I'm writing this because all I've ever wanted was to get into Yale, and i believe that despite my age, I've done a few things that may be a HUGE contribution for my application to Yale, or maybe they aren't as useful as I thought they'd be. Well, here they are:</p>

<li>In 2012 (when i was 14) i got into the Peruvian national team for the Pan-American Schools' Debating Tournament, composed of 18 members. The tournament took place in Chile, and the countries participating were the the following: Chile, US, Bermuda, Peru and Mexico. </li>
<li>In 2013, I was the youngest person and only female to get into the Official National Peruvian Debating Team. (only 5 members) We participated in Worlds School Debating Championship (WSDC) that took place in Turkey this January. 56 countries participated, and we placed 10th place out of all of them, at the same time winning best ESL team (english as a second language). We even beat the US and England in a debate. </li>
<li>In July 2013, I will be going to Bermuda for the 2013th Pan-American Schools Debating Tournament, only this time, not as a debater but as a judge. </li>

<p>As far as grades go, I don't know yet. I'm moving back to the US so i can finish high school there and get into a good university, but i need to know if what i have done so far will give me an advantage or help me at all. Everything I do is to get into Yale, so any feedback or comments will be very much appreciated!</p>

<p>the fact that you say, “everything I do is to get into Yale.” is the wrong way to look at things and will get you nowhere. You should do what you love (which I hope is debating), and hopefully, getting into Yale will be your reward. You should not just do things because you want to get into Yale. So do a couple things that you’re passionate about, get good grades, good standardized testing scores, and hopefully (but it is no guarantee), you will get in.</p>

<p>It’s true what you are saying, and to be honest, debating is what has lead me to make the decision that i want to get into Yale. I didn’t join solely b/c of it. Thanks for the advice, i’m sure it will help me a lot the next few year i have before applying!</p>

<p>The fact that you seem to be highly specialized and passionate about one particular area makes you an unusually compelling applicant, and you would certainly contribute to the Yale community. Make sure that you are in the top 10% of your high school class, score above 700 on each SAT section and/or above 30 on the ACT, and write sincere essays centering on topics about which you care deeply in a writing style that reflects your own voice. </p>

<p>Please remember that the process is highly unpredictable and that Yale will have to turn down many qualified, compelling applicants. Don’t become too fixated on any one school, and develop a college list consisting of good safety schools which you love. Also, never, ever insinuate or state directly in your application that “everything (you) do is to get into Yale.” Admission committees really dislike this mindset. In addition, please read this:
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