Do I have a high chance of admissions at Northeastern University?

I am currently a senior applying to Northeastern. As of now I am planning on applying ED, and I have completed a lot of demonstrated interest as well.
I come from a competitive private school, so I am not sure if my stats are that high.

GPA: 4.0
AP Biology
AP US History
AP English Language
AP Literature
AP Gov + Politcs
^ Ive passed the first 3 APs and Im taking the tests for the last 2 this year.

I’ve also taken multiple honors courses in that past, and 4 years of a language.

My test scores are pretty low so as of now I am not planning on sending them in.

I have strong extracurriculars
Tri-Varsity Athlete
Club Sport for 4 years
Multiple Clubs
2 Leadership Positions

At NU I’m intending on going in as International Business undecided, and I am not sure how competitive the business school is. I am also planning on financial aid, I heard NU goves out a lot of $$, but I am still unsure if I would qualify.
All feedback is welcome thanks!

Do not apply ED unless you know NEU will be affordable. Run their more detailed net price calculator (not the myintuition one) here:

NPCs may not be accurate if your parents are divorced, own a business, or own real estate in addition a primary home…are any of these situations the case for you/your parents?

My parents are not divorced and one owns a small business… So I suspect these factors might be a problem.

If it’s a small business it may be ok…if there are large deductions for things like depreciation, car, mileage, transportation and entertainment…that is where the problems typically arise.

So, since your parents aren’t divorced, don’t have real estate holdings beyond a home I would still do the net price calculator I linked above. If your parent with the business has all of those deductions above, add them back into the business net income number.

Again, do not apply ED somewhere that is not affordable, and you won’t know that unless you run the NPC.

NEU does meet full need, but they are not known for being among the most generous schools in calculating that need. They are also need aware, not need blind…so the level of FA an applicant needs can be part of the admissions decision.

Yes, the business could be a problem. Many PROFILE schools assess a value to business based on income/profits and add it to assets. They also often will add back depreciation and expenses on the Schedule C.

I tend to disagree with those on the board here, including @Mwfan1921 about applying ED when needing financial aid. It’s been my observation that schools tend to be a bit more generous withbED applicants as aid pa laces and a bit better about discussing the packages if insufficient. No school wants a large fallout from their ED sector. That’s just my personal anecdotal experience.

However, it’s also been my personal anecdotal experience that Northeastern is the most generous school in terms of financial aid packages even in simple situations.

Run the NPCs adding back Sched C deductions and giving some ballpark value to your parents business, and see what you might expect to get. Understand that going over these packages with Fin Aid is a stressful process, at best. Make sure you have affordable schools in your list and have those apps out and/or ready to go early too even if they are not EA schools. Should have a few rolling sndcEA schools on your list, IMO.

To be clear…I believe it’s ok to apply ED if a student needs FA and the NPC shows the school is likely to be affordable.

Just curious…is there a typo here, or is NEU the most generous school wrt FA in simple situations in your personal experience?

Thanks for the info! The only way to get out of an ED due to financial reasons correct? Either way most schools I am applying to is through early action, none of my schools have rolling admissions.
Also with my stats do you believe I have a better chance of acceptance if I apply through ED compared to others?

If you apply EA instead of ED is will be important to “show interest”. Campus visits etc.

I have been showing a lot of interest through online info sessions, their emails, and social media. But due to covid I have not been able to actually go to campus yet.