Do I have a shot at Brown ED? +more thanks :)

<p>sat i- 750v740m (took once, don't care enough about standardized testing to retake, could be doing better things with my time i posting on collegeconfidential, right guys?)</p>

<p>sat ii- 780writing 710spanish 800math iic</p>

<p>gpa- 3.3unweighted; 3.7weighted. top31-40% of class (very competitive "ranked" public) -- 4th decile. grades get better after each semester, and i was sick a lot in early frosh/early jun. years of hs which made things kinda difficult. best semester - senior year. ha. will grad with 9 APs, bunch of honors/accelerated and such. took 4 of the ap tests already, scores: 5,4,4,3</p>

<p>ec activities - have job doing design & development for stanford university, am editor of own newspaper, was owner of tech solutions company, +community service, a handful of awards</p>

<p>a professor will probably put in a good word for me, and i'm happy with my essays.</p>

<p>i looked at admissions statistics and was shocked that only 2% of applicants ranked in 4th decile or worse were admitted last year. oy. my rank might improve after first quarter/semester, though, as i'll be pulling a 4.8weighted gpa.</p>

<p>if you could also comment on any chances at: bard, carleton, dartmouth, kenyon, middlebury, pomona, stanford, UC: berkeley/los angeles/santa barbara/santa cruz/davis, university of chicago....</p>

<p>...i'd appreciate it lots.</p>

<p>My guess is that Brown, even ED, would be a longshot. Much better chances at Bard.</p>

<p>Might want to look at Colgate or Holy Cross.</p>

<p>I think you have a nice shot.</p>

<p>par72: "Might want to look at Colgate or Holy Cross."</p>

<li>Holy Cross carries some sort of stigma of Christianity with it -- I really would prefer to avoid that</li>
<li>I looked into Colgate. I have a friend who goes there now. It's definitely not my style; for the most part, the people who go there are not people with whom I'd like to live for four years...</li>

<p>pyewacket: "My guess is that Brown, even ED, would be a longshot. Much better chances at Bard."</p>

<li>Yeah, as I figured. Bard sounds great, least the literature and the reps with whom I've visited do. I'd be tickled to get into Bard.</li>

<p>fabrizio: "I think you have a nice shot."</p>

<li>I appreciate the support, but could you explain to me what could make me part of the 2%? I mean, I'm guessing part of the 2% probably includes special admits with some sort of gimmick. I'm probably wrong though.</li>

<p>Thanks for your advice so far, everyone.</p>

<p>Brown...Iffy (ED)
Bard...Very Good
UC-Santa Barbara...Excellent
UC-Santa Cruz...Excellent
UC-Davis...Very Good
University of Chicago...Okay</p>

<p>Also, might I suggest a few of these, that are like Bard:
Reed...Very Good
Lewis & Clark...Excellent
Whitman...Very Good
Grinnell...Good to Very Good
Oberlin...Good to Very Good
Colby...Okay (Less liberal by a tad)
Trinity C...(Like Colby)</p>

<p>Just my 2 cents. Hope this helps.</p>

<p>blaineko: </p>


<p>Also, might I suggest a few of these, that are like Bard:</p>

<p>[other schools]</p>

<p>Just my 2 cents. Hope this helps."</p>

<p>Yes, it does help! Thanks. I'm pleased that most of the schools that you rated as unlikely (Dartmouth; Stanford) are ones I wouldn't really care to attend anyway. The Dartmouth people with whom I've been talking have been most obnoxious and Stanford's just too close. I'm already there most every day for work and other things.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, it's too late for me to begin applications to other schools; all my transcripts/recommendations have been sent out already, I think. Maybe I'll try to see if I can somehow get a pair of recs for Reed... </p>

<p>Thanks again.</p>

<p>A. SAT I scores good enough.</p>

<p>B. SAT II scores excellent.</p>

<p>C. You already have the AP Scholar award.</p>

<p>D. Dedication to select extracurriculars</p>

<p>For the first time I finally see someone going to a competative school :P
1490 SAT and ranking in top 30%-40% of your class is competative :). </p>

<p>I think you have a good chance at the shcools you listed, but Stanford, UCB, and Dart may be a reach. Brown is also iffy.</p>

<p>Do you guys think I will I be deferred? Or just straight-out rejected? I suppose getting straight-out rejected would alleviate some of the anxiety...</p>


<p>Deferred, I don't think they will reject you right away, since your stats arn't bad, but they don't know the main bulk of the competition yet</p>

<p>Yeah, hopefully they'll want to see my first semester grades anyway... they'll see my Q1 grades, which will be great, but maybe keeping them up for Semester 1 would put an exclamation mark on my grade trend.</p>

<p>I suppose a bump for the morning crew is in order.</p>

<p>If nobody responds after this "bump," I'll stop... bumping.</p>

<p>How's that for a deal!</p>

<p>You sound like you'd be perfect at Reed.</p>

<p>Why's that, AndrewD?</p>

<p>Well, your SAT scores match up well, and you said you did not want a religious school.</p>

<p>Also, it seems you're going for a more liberal approach to your schooling, and Reed is as liberal as it gets (I mean Birkenstock liberal). Plus they have the only nuclear reactor of any school in the country, that has to count for something, right?</p>

<p>I'm kind of wary of the ganja factor. How open-minded are the students, anyway? Would I be crucified if I were to proclaim an affiliation with the Republican party (assuming I could argue my views to logical conclusion)? In the town in which I live, there's pretty much zero tolerance for us righties.</p>

<p>"Would I be crucified if I were to proclaim an affiliation with the Republican party"</p>

<p>Long answer: No with a 'but.'
Short answer: Probably</p>

<p>That's exactly what I'm trying to avoid. =/</p>