Do I have a shot at computer science at U of I?

SAT (retaking): M:670 CR:600 W:610
GPA (overall): 5.47 on a 5 point scale
GPA (unweighted): 4.9 on a 5 point scale
ACT: 25 (not even bothering with this test)
Rank: 25 out of 604, placing me in the top 4.1% of my class</p>

Speech Team Captain (Events: SOS, O)
German Club
Math Team
Participated in GIVS, an organization that assigns students to aid teachers in the classroom for one year
Member of Stage Guild (a Guild one joins for giving 100+ hours to the Theater Department at my school)
National Honors Society Member</p>

National Honors Society
Math, English, German National Honors Society
VFW Scholarship winner in my local VFW Auxillery
Presented speech on Memorial Day to my town
Honor Roll every year
ICTM Contestant
Many Speech Team Medals</p>


German 1-A
Business and consumer-A
Bio reg-A
English 1 H-A
Global Studies-A

Contemp World History H-A
English 2 H-A
Chem H-B+ (89.4%...still bitter)
Geometry H-B
German 2-A
Foods- A</p>

<p>Junior Year (things pick up)</p>

<p>APUSH-A (4)
AP English- B 1st A 2nd semiester (4)
Physics H- A
German 3 H- A
study hall both semiesters</p>

<p>Senior year Schedule</p>

<p>Calc AB/BC (I'm taking a placement test to see which one I can be in while skipping Pre-Calc H)
AP U.S. Gov
AP Psych
AP Macroecon
AP Physics
German 4 AP
Java Script coding basics</p>

<p>If you are not an in-state student, I would say it's a reach.</p>

<p>In-state and OOS are evaluated using the same criteria. Your SAT translates to an ACT equivalent of 27. The Mid 50% of accepts in Engineering (which CS is, for all intents and purposes, part of) was an ACT (or ACT Equiv) range of 30-33. You are well within the top 10% of your class, and taking a rigorous courseload. Your GPA is fine. I'd say that you should retake, at least the SAT, if not the ACT again, to see which you do better on. They only use the test with the highest composite to evaluate your application. Since you only have the ACT equivalent score of 27 now, I'd say its a slight reach because CS is a very competitive major. Get your standardized test score up a bit and you'll be much better off.</p>

<p>UIUC's middle 50% ranges for engineering for class entering 2010: ACT 30 - 33, SAT 1920 - 2160, Class rank top 9% to top 2%. GPA, rank, most everything is good. Test score is low and thus if applying CS in engineering consider it a reach (but still possible) unless test score is raised.</p>

<p>If instead applying for LAS for its combined math/CS major, chances are very good.</p>