Do I have a shot at getting into JMU

<p>Im a junior in highschool and I really want to go to Jmu for college.</p>

<p>-3.5 gpa
-1800 sat
-2 years v baseball
-2 years of football
-2 years of track
-3 years of key club (community service)
-2 years of fbla (future business leaders of america)
-1 year of NHS (national honors society)
-member of thespian society (drama/fine arts)
what do you think my chances are, im the class of 2013?</p>

<p>If that's an unweighted gpa then you're probably at the low end of the range but not out of the running. With the 1800 on your SATs you're definitely a contender. So yes, you have a shot.</p>

<p>Also, what kind of classes do yo take? Any APs and honors? That makes the gpa look better</p>

<p>By the end of highschool I will have take 5 AP's and 5 honors classes.</p>

<p>Only from our experience - my D has an unweighted of 3.5 but 5 AP classes and 4 other honors classes including calc junior year. School does not weight or rank. SAT's 1850 and ACT 26 comp. Many leadership EC's and great recs. OOS admitted early action.</p>

<p>u got a great shot</p>

<p>Hey, I live in Loudoun County too! What school do you go to? and you're overestimating JMU. My friend got in last year with a 2.0 and some humanities extracurriculars. You're fine.</p>