Do I have a shot at ivy league schools?

<p>Hispanic Male</p>

<p>Freshman GPA: 2.7 (i know...but i will be able to explain this to colleges)
Sophomore GPA: 3.7
Junior GPA: 3.6</p>

<p>Freshman and sophomore years I took all honors.
Junior year I am in 4 APs (Chem, Comp Sci, English, American History) and 4 honors.
Senior year I will take all APs.</p>

<p>I go to a competitive public school.</p>

<p>Haven't taken the SAT yet but my PSAT was 209.
I am expecting 2100-2200.</p>

Habitat for humanity
Varsity Crew
JV Ski Team
Summa cum laude on National Latin Exam.
Math Club
Part time job.
Created/maintain a website for my dad's company that makes about $8000 per year through ads.
Volunteer at a food pantry
Youth Group (a community service group through my church)</p>

<p>Both of my parents went to community college and none of my aunts or uncles even went to college so I have no legacy anywhere.</p>

<p>I know I will have better than awesome recommendations and an above average essay.</p>

<p>I know my stats aren't great but I am hispanic so do I still have a shot at the ivies?</p>


<p>you will most definitely get in! you're hispanic!! (that's a good thing)</p>

<p>my friend was hispanic, graduated 4th, got a 2100s in his SAT and had no leadership experience at all in hs, and he got into UPenn!</p>

<p>good luck :)</p>

<p>Wow that's awesome.
I didn't know it made that much of a difference.</p>

<p>Being hispanic does not guarantee you getting into an Ivy League School. Hispanic minorities who excel in school like you have a better chance than most people though. Keep working!</p>

<p>think of it this way, if he checked "white male" in that tiny little box, he wouldve been rejected.</p>

<p>he's halfwhite btw</p>

<p>It does make a difference but remember: There will be alot of other Latinos with equal or better stats so the more you stand out, the better. Your ECs look nice and keep your grades up.
Remember that being Latino helps but it does not make anything for sure.
Good Luck! :)</p>

<p>You know what? After I saw someone with a 2.9 GPA get accepted to Brown, I don't tell anyone that they dont have a chance with an Ivy. However, that being said, you need to keep working, being hispanic is a boost, but not a huge boost. Now if you were Native American, it would be a definite</p>