Do I have a shot at Michigan?

Chance me for Northwestern, UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, U of Michigan, U of Wisconsin, U of Texas, U of Washington, Indiana U, U of Oregon

School Type: Public- very competitive, went to small private school for 9th grade
State of Residence: California
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White
ACT: 32- planning to retake
GPA: 3.99 uw/4.5 w
Class rank: ~40/800, top 5%, I will find out my new class rank after winter break
AP Scores: Sophomore: Euro (4); Junior (taking now): APUSH, Lang, Enviro; Plan to take as a Senior: Lit, Gov, Calc AB, Human Geo

-Sports: Varsity baseball, Varsity football, Varsity Lacrosse- got severe shoulder injury, had surgery, and will be out a while so I will be doing the scoreboard and stats for both boys and girls, JV and Var Lacrosse this season
-Volunteer as camp counselor for past three summers at LA Dodgers Youth Foundation Camp where I am a counselor for underprivileged kids
-Camp counselor at summer camp for 2 years
-Recently started a tutoring company that already has a few clients, and I also tutor at school
-Nearly 200 hours of community service
-President of club at school that collects sports equipment and refurbishes them and then delivers them to elementary schools without the proper funding for sports equipment-was recently in newspaper for this
-Involved in 2 other clubs at school in prominent leadership positions
-Coaching flag football and basketball at local rec center for past few years
-Worked in a law firm over summer
-Internship next summer with Sports Business firm
-Planning to pitch entrepreneurial ideas to venture capital firm next summer!

Your GPA is good and your course rigor is fine. Your ACT is around the admission average at UMich while their OOS admission rate has dropped to 20% last year and will be likely in mid to upper teens this year. It would be a low reach for you.
NU would be a mid reach as their admission rate is approaching 10% and you are around the average of applicants.

I would say high match for you. Your ACT is a little bit low; however, your GPA is outstanding and will hopefully weigh the ACT into making you a better candidate in their eyes (they want you; they just don’t know they want you). Given some great extracurricular activities, I think that you honestly possess a reasonable chance at admission. Good luck!

Can you chance me back?

Northwestern- reach (for everyone)
UC Berkeley- low reach
UCLA- high match
USC- high match
U of Michigan- match
U of Wisconsin- match
U of Texas- match
U of Washington- match
Indiana U- low match
U of Oregon- low match

I think that at Michigan your GPA and extracurricular activities will overshadow your ACT score, and will likely result in acceptance. From my school via Naviance (in Southern CA), our average accepted ACT is a 31 and average accepted UW GPA is 3.8. Thus, given your profile, you have a very good shot at University of Michigan OOS.

Chance me?

Note that Naviance data are averages from the past years. The OOS at UMich has slashed by half within the last few years. The admission average uwGPA last couple years was 3.85 and they do value GPA very much. In fact 21% of enrolled freshmen a couple years ago have 4.0 in HS GPA. GPA 3.99 is very good and is around the 75th percentile so it would not be a factor holding you back. Note that having an ACT score right at the admission average of a public university may put you at or below the average from OOS. In any case, it is very hard to be a match for UMich from OOS due to the low admission rate. Even for those with both GPA and test score at or above the 75th percentile can only make it a high match. Nevertheless, there are obviously students admitted even it is a reach for them. It is just an estimation of admission rate.