Do I have a shot at NYU CAS (CS)?

asian male, intl (rip). competitive private school; full pay, income >$500k.

stats: 4.0uw, 4.5w I think? 10APs (max my school offers). have a 1560 rn (770ebrw + 790m)

ec’s and awards (vague for obvious reasons): published research about fintech in (non-predatory lol) journal, internship @ local tech company, published app w couple thousand downloads, summer research at a college, AIME qual.
there r more but these r my main ig

how r my chances at NYU CS? absolute dream school, I’ll be applying ED so hopefully that gives me a boost


how good of a shot tho? like 70% ish (safety), <50% (easy target), <40% (target), <30% (hard target), or <20% (reach)?

Your GPA and SAT stats are good.

I can’t judge the value of published research without seeing it (are you from the Bay Area? Everyone there seems to be doing research these days so that dilutes the impact unless you have something truly notable and preferably referred to in one of your LORs)

Internship - probably not very valuable unless again you can show real value and impact because AOs usually assume you got this through your family connections.

Published app and AIME qual is helpful.

Overall, if applying ED I’d say it’s a high target for you but things change from year to year. Could become a low reach.


Now, just out of curiosity…
Why is NYU your dream school? Have you visited the school?
What other schools are you applying to?

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yea i’ve visited, but ik a lot of ppl there and 3 of my cousins go there so yea lol

I’m also applying to umd, uw madison, and purdue- how are my chances at these schools? (EA, if that matters)

Next to your screen name it says “high school sophomore”. Is that accurate?

Those are all reasons that may tilt your decision in favor if a school, but… what is it about NYU that’s right for you? Asking because that’s an important consideration when making a binding commitment to a school.

All great schools, very highly ranked for CS. And you have a good chance. EA definitely matters, esp at UMD which fills 90%+ or it’s class through EA.

You are a year too early to know.

Your credentials are very strong thus far.

Seek chances after another year of school.

@kimchipappi please answer the question. What year are you in high school???

why NYU? Do they have something you’re particularly interested in? I did a lot of research on NYU CS last year and i felt like the consensus was that it was a pretty average program. read this guy’s blog if you wanna learn more.

you have a good app but id advise you look deeper into where you actually wanna go. don’t ED somewhere just cuz 3 of your cousins go there lmao

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