do I have a shot at the academy

<p>I am currently a senior applying for the class of 2014 and I am wondering if I have a shot at the academy.<br>
I am 50% Brazilian and 50% American At home I speak mostly portuguese with my mom and english with my dad
I have a 3.34 GPA 1750 SAT (610 Math 530 Reading) participate in the BLSU (black latino student union) and am in the boyscouts pursuing my goal of eagle scout
I have been on varsity football for the past 2 years and have also ran track until junior year
I have done community service at a nursing home freshman year at the YMCA sophmore and went on a service trip for a week to Camden NJ This year I have been volunteering at the Greater Boston Food Bank
My Junior year I was dealing with the death of my friend who overdosed, my best friend growing up who was in a comma for a month and his mom who later died of ALS. With that being said, I wasn't able to do my best in school my junior year as I was somewhat distracted. I am still in the top 30% of my class.<br>
I am willing to do anything to get into the academy NAPS or whatever else I have to do to go to the academy.
I know my grades are a little below average but I'm hoping the admissions board will be able to see past it.</p>

<p>As always, there is good news and bad news.</p>

<p>Good news is that the academy is actively seeking to build on the diversity within the Brigade- particuarly Black and Hispanic candidates. Apply.</p>

<p>Bad news- your SATs are low,especially the verbal score. Prep and retake them.</p>

<p>If you had a dip in your grades due to the situation you described, make sure that gets communicated to the admissions board. Perhaps it can be the focus on your personal statement- not so much "what" happened, but rather "how" you dealt with the adversity to change things around (assuming you changed things around). Make sure you are getting steller grades as soon as you start up your classes. Just remember, the saying at USNA is "no excuses" - so do not find in your story an excuse for your performance in school- again, focus on what you have done to move forward, and back it up with good grades.</p>

<p>As for the rest-
get your Eagle Scout nailed down. It counts.
Football, track- both good. Stick with it.</p>

<p>thank you and I'm taking the SAT's again in the Fall
and I wasn't sure how to communicate what happened to me because I am not one to make excuses so I didn't want to bring it up but I feel it's important</p>

<p>The best way to communicate it would be in your personal statement. Again, focus on what you did to correct your course-and having the ability to demonstrate a positive outcome from that is all important. </p>

<p>I would also make sure to discuss your blip in grades with your BGO when the time comes for that discussion. "No excuse"" is a good tack, but life can throw us some crazy twists and turns- how we deal with it speaks volumes, so tell that story!</p>