do i have a shot at UMICH business RD?

<p>i just got rejected from wharton ED, so now im going for stern... anyone want to give me their opinions on my credentials please?</p>

<p>sats: 2220 (730 verbal 760 math 730 writing)
sat II's: math iic 800, chinese 800, biology 680
gpa: 3.62 unweighted
ethnicity: Asian
courseload: all ap or honor courses (but Ap scores were not very high)
rank: no rank
location: new jersey</p>

<p>ecs (most important ones)</p>

<p>founder of Morgan Stanley internship in my school
mortgage consulting assistant for a small firm
fbla president
JV track
Taekwondo black belt
NJ Region Band for 2 years
Senior Publicity officer for cultural club
Manager of local babysitting / tutoring service (with over 50 clients)
editor-in-chief of chinese youth newspaper for 5 years
national merit commended student</p>

<p>Your stats are fine, but it is hard to predict chances since this is the first year Ross is accepting students staight outof high school. I think your SAT is around the expected range, but your GPA seems a little low. You have a good chance of getting into LSA, but Ross is a stretch.</p>

<p>My understanding is that no-one is going into Ross as a freshman. You can get preferred Ross status which means after completing core courses satisactorily as a freshman you are in and don't have to apply a again for Ross. Most people apply to Ross after freshman year from LSA and if you don't get preferred status you can still apply later.</p>

<p>Alexandre is this right?</p>

<p>Yes, it's right. I applied for preferred admission to Ross too, did quite a bit of research into it.</p>

<p>That's right. This year, Michigan will give "preferred" status to roughly 70 or so Freshmen who ticked the Business school option on their application. Those students will not be part of Ross until their Sophomore year, but they will merely have to maintain an acceptable GPA to be guaranteed automatic admission into Ross without having to reaply. Those who do not get preferred status (the vast majority of the applicants) will apply after their Freshman year.</p>

<p>Does that mean for those who apply at the end of their freshman year, there will be less spots and ultimately harder to get in due to already having about 70 HS students accepted?(I'm a senior in HS)</p>

<p>I guess there will be more people competing for fewer spots, but the top students will already be accepted and out of the applicant pool.</p>