Do I have a shot Georgetown EA?


<h2>Public School</h2>

Unweighted GPA: 97/100
Unweighted Rank: 6 of 300
Weighted GPA: 117/100</p>

<h2>Weighted Rank: 7 of 300</h2>

<p>Standardized Tests:
(have taken SATs once. Will take again.)
CR: 740
M: 710
W: Georgetown doesn't consider</p>

<p>Will take the following SAT IIs in November:
(Not required for EA)
US History

<h2>Math II</h2>

US Gov - 5
Lang & Comp - 5</p>

<p>(Taking Senior Year)
Calc I
Lit & Comp</p>



<p>Siemens Competition Regional Finalist
Siemens Competition Semi-Finalist
Suma Cum Laude - National Latin Exam
Champion of a Regional Debate Tournament</p>

<h2>Regional Science Fair Awards</h2>


<p>Student Council - Vice President, Ambassador of the Student Body, Rep to the School Board
Science Research
Golf Team - Co-Captain, 2 years varsity
Debate Team - Co-Captain, 2 years varsity
School Newspaper- Reporter
Youth Group - Youth Council, member, mission trips, ect
NHS - member
National Latin Honor Society - member
Cumberland Valley Umpire Association - work as umpire for kids aged 8-16</p>


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<p>Everything looks pretty good.</p>

<p>maybe you could up your SAT score to improve your chances.</p>

<p>Agreed. YOu're a competitive applicant, with a proven record of achievement, but that describes an awful lot of GU applicants. Another 50 points on the SAT would certainly help.</p>