Do I have a shot??

<p>I am going to be a Junior in a Maryland Catholic College Prepatory School. My current GPA is a 4.0 unweighted and a 4.4 weighted. My school does not offer AP Classes until sophmore year, and only a history AP is available to be taken. I took AP Government this past year. I have taken around 4 Honors Courses as well, the max I could have taken was 6 these past two years. However, there were scheduling conflicts and that is why I am not in the other 2 Honors courses. I think colleges end up seeing that. I have over 340 Service Hours that include me volunteering at the hospital every week, playing piano for elderly people in nursing homes, and helping autistic children at one of the local special education programs. I am involved in many clubs including The Latin Honor Society, Ski Club, A Club that Raises money for kids with Childhood Cancer, Student Ambassadors (40 students are selected each year to serve as a "leader" to new students for the year), Students Against Destructive Descisions, and A Club that involves debating on recent Political News. I am still preparing for the SAT. I play piano, golf, and ski (as said before) we are planning on starting a golf program next year that I will participate in. I am also pursuing an internship with either the hospital I volunteer with, which I will most likely get, or with NIH, which is up in the air because I am not yet at the applying stage for it. </p>

<p>My Classes are:</p>

English 09 Honors (A+)
Honors Beg. Physics (A+)
World History (A+) highest grade in the class for one semester
Geometry <a href="A">sophmore course</a>
Theology I (A+) Highest Grade in the class for one semester
Latin 1 (A+) highest grade in the class for both semesters</p>

<p>Highest GPA in Freshman Class (a tie)</p>

AP Gov (A+) {strongly believe I got a 4/5 on the exam}
English 10 Honors (A+)
Bio Honors (A+)
Algebra II (A+)
Theology II (A+)
Latin II (A+) </p>

<p>Have a good shot at Highest GPA in Sophmore Class</p>

<p>My school gives out highest GPA's and Highest Grades in classes, but they do not disclose class rank overall. I am either number 1 or number 2 out of a class of 70 kids. </p>

<p>My Junior Course Load:
AP Language
AP Art History
Chem Honors
AP US History
PreCalc Honors
Latin 3</p>


<p>Auxiliary Award for Hospital
100 Hours award for hospital
200 hours award for hospital
President's Award for Hospital Service (being given in September)
National Latin Exam Cum Laude Award</p>

<p>I left out my electives from my classes because they are not very notable, but I had no choice in taking them the past two years because I needed to take a theology course, health course, and music/art course the first two years, as a requirement. They were all A+'s if you're interested. my sat, through looking at my PSAT (180) and my recent practice and sat prep, figures to come out at a 2200, hopefully. </p>

<p>I feel like my weak point is obvious in extra curriculars because I do not have a sport on my resume, but I am hoping by the time I apply my community service and clubs will make up for it. The salutatorian at our school got denied from Brown this year, however she got into bates and the valedictorian of our school and another student got accepted into Cornell.</p>