Do I have a shot?

<p>Since I have a mediocre GPA and SAT score, what kind of "life" do I have to have to make up for them? Suggestions?</p>

<p>hi thatglassjar,
what exactly are your stats? im applying there too!</p>

<p>If standardized test scores are average as well as GPA, a steady history of extracurricular involvement can remedy these issues in the eyes of the university.</p>

<p>As AndySmith88 said, a steady history of extracurricular involvement will really help you. </p>

<p>You don’t have to win a national robotics award. You need to show your dedication to something. This could be a sport, working at a store, volunteering, helping a church group, etc. If you have leadership positions (officer, team captain, etc) or do something extra (webmaster), that would be a plus.</p>

<p>When you choose which 5 extra curricular activities you want to write about, try to show that you are “well rounded.” This means all 5 of those activities shouldn’t solely be about one topic. If you were on 3 tennis teams over the years (club, high school, usta) and taught tennis on the side, you shouldn’t only list those. I would suggest you lump those together into one of the extra curricular activities and talk about other things as well. Show that you are a dynamic person!</p>

<p>Another part of your application that will help you is your personal statements. These will give the admissions committee insight into your life and your personality. Make them speak volumes about you. Remember, these people are trying to determine whom will best fit and benefit UW (and vice versa) solely on this application.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>