Do I have a shot?

My weighted GPA is a 4.0 which is close to NCF average of 4.03 but I have a huge blemish on my transcript- A “D” in APUSH. I was straight A’s otherwise last year and mostly As with a few Bs other years. My ECs are decent but not extraordinary, my ACT is a 30 (waiting on the July score to come out, hoping it went up a few points) I’m an OOS student with demonstrated interest (visited campus). I have no big hooks. I’m a strong writer in a writing intensive magnet program so I expect my essay will be well regarded. I’m worried my poor performance in APUSH may ruin my chances though. Has anyone had luck being admitted with a bad grade on their transcript?

my grades on my transcript were not the greatest, i had average ecs and community service, my test scores were good but not amazing, and i got in. i was in state however and i don’t know if that makes much of a difference. having a strong essay and good recommendations will help. good luck !

I got accepted and I had a handful of not so good grades, but they overlooked the individual grades to notice my overall trend and my strong ECs and clear passion for a particular academic subject. They’re holistic in their admissions.