Do I have a shot?

<p>I'm wondering what my chances are of getting in to NYU. I'm a white male from NJ applying RD as an undergraduate to CAS as a computer science major.</p>

<p>Classes: all honors or ap since sophomore year (there aren't too many honors classes offered to freshmen)
GPA: everybody calculates it differently, but I'm basically a straight A student with a couple of B's on my transcript
Class rank: top 6%
SAT: 2000 (660 CR 650 M 690 W)
SAT II's: haven't taken them yet, but should do pretty well
AP tests: AP Latin Vergil - 3 AP Computer Science A - 5
EC's: enough, including concert band, tennis club, honors societies, and plenty of service hours
My recs and essay/short answers should all be pretty good.</p>

<p>I'd appreciate anybody's thoughts on this. Thanks.</p>

<p>I would think you have a good chance. What are you waiting for on the SAT II's? When I took the AP's in a subject, I take the SAT II if applicable. Do you have to send all the AP scores at the same time. If not, I'd leave out the AP Latin Virgil. Maybe that's why you got a 3, because it's Virgil, not Vergil.</p>

<p>P. Vergilivs Maro might disagree with you.</p>