Do I have a shot?

<p>Year: Junior
Sex: Male
Location: New Jersey
School: Public Magnet School (First graduating class- Brand New School)
*School starts from 8:00 - 4:10
*Rigorous schoolwork given
Intended Major: Medical/Sciences
GPA: 3.9
SAT 1: Taking them in May and October
SAT 2: Taking them in June - Chem and IIC
AP: Currently taking AP Chemistry
*School offered only two this year. However, the school will offer more senior year however they limit us to about 2 or 3 next year because of schedule problems.
Rank: Does not rank</p>

- Habitat for Humanity Chapter - Founder and President
- Future Business Leaders of America - Vice President
- School Newspaper - Co-Editor in Chief
- Concert Band - Clarinetist
- Mock Trial Club - Member
- Model UN - Member
- Math League - Member
- American Red Cross - Member</p>

- Piano and Clarinet Lessons
- Swimming
- Baseball</p>

- St. Mary’s Hospital
*Volunteered various departments including E.R and Human Resources
- Habitat for Humanity
- Volunteer Service Program in South Korea
*Church related activities
- In-School Volunteering
- College Career Center in School
- Sunday School Instructor
- Town Borough Hall</p>

- Academic Honor Roll and/or High Honors
- “Best Delegate” Award Model UN @ GWU
- “Outstanding Volunteer Award” at St. Mary’s Hospital
- Certificate of Commendation for Commitment to Volunteering from County officals</p>

- Clarinetist - 5 years
- Pianist - 3 years
- Bilingual in Korean & English
- Taken French for 7 years</p>

- Private Tutor, English and Math
4 Hours/Week [09/03-02/04]
- Part-time Job at a Beauty Supply Store
6 Hours/Week [07/04-09/04]</p>

- My friend's passion is to help out people in need... He plans to write his personal paper on his devotion to habitat for humanity and tie in how his life is like building houses.. and give some details about his medical concern about humanity at large..and focusing on nature of medicine</p>

<p>My friend and I would greatly appreciate any reponses. Thank you.</p>

<p>double poster! Don't do it again.Essay sounds like a great idea. Good ECs, it's hard to make a good judgement though with out any standardized stats. Also, the volunteer project in south korea may not be a good thing to elaborate on especially in the essay. It's nice to put down, but admissions officers told me that writing your essay about service trips = how I spent an exuberant amount of money to go sort of help out poor people in foreign countries/get a sweet vacation. These trips aren't always that respected.</p>

<p>I am sorry about the double posting! I won't do it again.
Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it.</p>

<p>you've got a very good shot pending 700+ SATI and II scores.</p>

<p>Make sure to have a well tied together app and that your essays are good.</p>