do i have any chance at all?

<p>i like middlebury, but i'm a little apprehensive & i'm not so sure i have any shot at all of getting in.</p>

<p>satI: 670 math/670 cr/690 writing, 2030 total (one sitting)
act: 30 composite (one sitting)
gpa: 3.86 uw (as of most of junior year, but this year has been good for me & might go up)</p>

<p>i'm currently an IB diploma candidate, taking history of the americas HL, spanish HL, english HL, math studies SL, environmental systems & societies SL. next year, i might take chemistry HL or AP bio, not quite sure yet. & i will also be taking psychology.</p>

<p>my sophomore year i took the all honors & honors as a freshman, although my school does not offer them to 9th graders. all my averages were As, minus a B in algebra 2… :&lt;/p>

<p>as for my ECs, i've been a competitive irish dancer since i was about 10. i'm at the championship level, & consistently a top placer. i plan to keep on dancing through college as well. in early 2009, i performed at carnegie hall with my dance academy as well.
since spring earlier this year, i've tutored once a week for two hours for a little girl from a really rough town who comes from a family that doesn't value education that much.
i'm involved in student-run fundraiser to help build a girls' school in afghanistan, which we've been working on junior year & will continue throughout next year as well.
i'm also involved in the various standard honor societies, (art, spanish, english, etc) & other clubs at my school, (environmental & photo).</p>

<p>so… any chance at all?</p>

<p>You need to get your scores up to be competitive. Where do you rank in your class?</p>

<p>i don't find out until later in the year, but i would say about top 5-10% out of 350.</p>

<p>what range should i shoot for the next time i take the SATs?</p>

<p>2100+ would give you a much better chance.</p>


<p>What state are you from? Your chances will increase if you are from deep South or plains states and not from the northeast.</p>

<p>Whooops… I'm from NJ. :(</p>

<p>I suggest you take the ACT again. A 31 will put you right in the mix. Midd only requires one set of test scores:ACT, SAT, or SAT2s.
Your grades are OK.
If your public service commitment is real and stands out in your recs and essay, you could have a good chance. That is where you need to shine.
I know Midd values students who excel in the Arts as well.
Good luck!</p>

<p>Okay, thanks for all the feedback! I think I'm going to try to work to improve my ACTs since I've decided not to take the SAT I again.</p>

<p>I would recommend retaking the SAT. Based on the SAT report for Middlebury (College</a> Search - Middlebury College - Midd - SAT®, AP®, CLEP® ), your SAT I scores are generally below the 50th percentile, though I might be reading the numbers wrong. It would also be wise to retake the ACT.</p>

<p>You have really cool extracurriculars--certainly sets you apart from the rest of the applicant pack. Your GPA sounds good also--better than mine when I was admitted.</p>

<p>I really don't think Middlebury cares that much about SATs. But it would really do you well to retake them after some more study. You're still at or above the 90th percentile according to the 2006 score results (SAT</a> - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), but going even higher could really help you out.</p>

<p>Good luck with dancing and applying and everything else!</p>

<p>Thanks, I'm definitely going to take the ACT once more, but not the SATs. I prefer the ACTs anyway. :) </p>

<p>From what the URL you put, though, it looks like I am in the middle-50% SAT range of the accepted students. But I don't trust sites like that much anyway, often their stats are off or outdated.</p>