Do I have any chance for Tufts?

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<p>Anyways, I recently applied to Northeastern, Boston U, and Tufts for spring transfer to study engineering. I am transfering from Stevens Institute of Technology with a 3.3 gpa and 1250 sats(720m 530v) and Sat II scores off 720m 600v. My gpa in high school unweighted is 3.6-3.7. I took a year of honors math, 1 year of computer science AP and 1 year of Bio honors. My school is very competitive high school and sends kids to Ivies every year blah blah. </p>

<p>ECs include
4 year Varsity Baseball
Fresh Basketball
sophomore and junior football
Volunteer Coach for Soccer(2nd graders) for 4 years
Little League Challenger(help challenged kids learn the game of baseball) 2 years
Volunteer Clean up and Vender at Rodeo 2 years
Coached High School baseball team(summer league) this summer</p>

<p>Currently I am cooping and working for Verizon if that helps at all. Also in High School I was named to the Trenton Thunder(minor league baseball team) All Scholastic Team from my school.</p>

<p>I guess those are my big highlights.. so what do you think my chances are for the spring as a transfer in engineering. My SATs are low obviously, but how do you think I stack up. Any chance at all? </p>


<p>Boston University <a href="match">i</a>*
Northeastern University <a href="safety">i</a>*
Tufts University <a href="possible%20match">i</a>*</p>

<p>You sure about that USNE? I would think Tufts would qualify as a reach at least? I already found out I got into Northeastern and I am choosing it over BU because of the COOP program. But Tufts is still my top choice, whether or not its engineering program is better. I really like the school</p>

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<p>FYI - I am accepted to NEU and I was accepted to BU during my senior year. Any more opinions on my chances for Tufts?</p>

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<p>Back to the top. Besides from requirements to apply, is there anything else I can do to express my interest in Tufts? I really want them to know I REALLY want to go there.</p>

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