Do I have any chance in getting into any of these boarding schools??

<p>I just got out of middle school, and next year I'm going to be a freshman at a normal public high school, but I really want to go to a boarding school for my second year of high school probably. I've looked online at a bunch of boarding schools, close to where I live, and the three I most want to get into are Interlochen Arts Academy, Wayland Academy, or Lake Forest Academy(also maybe La Lumiere or Illinois Math And Science Academy, but i like the other three better) At the end of last year I had straight B's and one A, but if i tried harder i would probably be able to get straight A's. I'm taking honors for math next year, but that's the only honors I'm taking. For extra curricular activies, I don't have much really, I play soccer, and if piano lessons counts as one then that, and i'm in band but i don't think thats one. I'm a pretty good student, i'm good at writing and math, but i'm not good at science and social sudies most of the time unless i study a lot. Do you think I would be able to get into any of those boarding schools??? Also, is there anything I can do to help my chances of getting into them??? And what do they look for??? And any other advice, or anything i should know???</p>

<p>Thankuuu in advanceeee! =))))</p>

<p>Interlochen's a heavily arts-concentrated school, so unless you're going there for piano (and it didn't seem like it), i'm not sure why you'd go there (or why your other schools aren't arts concentrated, etc). if you just want to go to interlochen because it's nearby, that's a terrible idea, unless you're ultra passionate about the arts.</p>

<p>i think you could get in, as long as you didn't need financial aid. uh, try to take a few practice SSATs, make sure your parents are comfortable with the idea, and try to get your grades up. good luck!</p>

<p>Thankuuu for the help! And I didn't explain much in my first post sorry, but I want to go to Interlochen because I like the arts a lot, like Piano, Clarinet, Photography, Creative Writing, and more, sorry I didn't say that in the first post I just didn't think about itt. And the other schools aren't for arts because I don't needdd to go to an arts school, I would be ok if I didn't it's not like my life long dream to go to an arts school, I could still probably have a profession in the arts if I went to a normal one, and there are no other arts schools close enough for me to go to. Do you(or anyone else) know though, is an arts boarding school like Interlochen a whole lot different than a normal college-prep boarding school???</p>

<p>And ya, I would probably need financial aid, or atleast it would help. My mom has 2 jobs but they don't make much, and my dad just got laid off but he has his retirement money atleast, but my dad's looking for a new job that would pay like as much as his old one or close and I think he'll probably find a job, but financial aid would help a lot.</p>