Do I have any chance In-State

<p>2260 SAT (720 M, 750 W, 790 R) Subject Tests: 750 M, 740 A
3.1 GPA UW
4.3 GPA W
141/500 in class
Family: I am the second oldest in a family of 10 people! It gives some very unique experiences and can be rather hectic at times.
Performance History
• Opera
o Spent three consecutive summers singing at the Santa Fe Opera.<br>
o This was paid work, but the experience was worth more than the pay, as shown in my Common App Essay.
o Sang in the operas Carmen, La Boheme, and Billy Budd.<br>
o Invited to sing at the Metropolitan Opera by their singing director but declined because I had other commitments (school/family).
o Rehearsed/Performed 30 hours a week for 12 weeks each summer. Sang the A capella solo in Billy Budd.<br>
o Sang in the languages of French, English, and Italian
• Musicals/Plays/Talent Shows:
o Recognized as outstanding singer and actor in the city of Los Alamos’ newspaper (2007).
o Played the role of Peter Pan in city production of Peter Pan (2006).
o Played the role of FDR in school production of Annie (2005).
o Played the role of lead boy in city production of How to Eat Like a Child (2007).
o Played the role of Young Scrooge in city production of A Christmas Carol (2007).
o Played
o Recognized as outstanding singer and actor in the city of Los Alamos’ newspaper (2007).
o Sang Eleanor Rigby in school talent show and received “Outstanding Performance). (2008)
o Sang A Whole New World and received “1st Prize” in regional Talent Show (2011).
o Auditioned out for X Factor, but didn’t make it (2011).
• Violin
o Received “Outstanding Violinist” from nationwide Orchestra Committee (2008).
Fiction Writing
• Currently unpublished but haven’t yet looked to publish
• Wrote forty pages of poetry
• Currently writing a science fiction/fantasy novel
o I will get this published when finished because it is something I really care about.<br>
o Plot Synopsis: Jason lives in a world where only the very intelligent can use magic, but the cost of magic is the mind—the loss of sanity. Jason’s mother is locked up in an insane asylum, and his father is assassinated by a young, cynical girl, who seems cunning and sweet, but is a sociopath driven by a compulsion to systematically kill. Jason wishes to save his mother from insanity, and find the girl to exact revenge, but to do so means risking his own life and personal sanity.
• Wrote numerous science fiction and fantasy short stories
• Acted as speech writer for Key Club members who are internationally recognized.</p>

<p>Academic Distinctions
• SAT Subject Test:
o 750 Math
o 740 Physics
• NAQT Quiz Bowl
o Wrote ten pages of study materials on the topics of literature and opera (my personal strong subjects).
o Our team is nationally ranked and one of the best in North Carolina—To help practice, I’ve written multiple question sets that we then read at practice.
o I plan to go on Jeopardy!, as my parents did, when I am in college. Quiz Bowl is primary preparation for Jeopardy!
o Hold practice at my house once every two weeks for around three hours.
o Constantly rag on team to study and practice.
o I study ~30 minutes a day for Quiz Bowl and write questions on what I studied.
• Science Olympiad
o Prepared a 261 page word document on Astronomy that both the JV team and Varsity uses yearly.<br>
o Prepare weekly meetings/practices
o Spoke and prepared discussions on Astronomy.
o Engaged in a DuPont essay discussing the implications of dark matter relating to the evolution and formation of galaxies (2009). (This isn’t pertaining specifically to Science Olympiad, but it definitely was a result of my Astronomy Study in Science Olympiad).
• Science Bowl
o Placed forth during state competition of Science Bowl (2008) and fifth the year before (2007).
• Geo Bee
o Placed second in school GeoBee (2008)
• Magic: the Gathering
o Placed at Nationals as the youngest player (2006).
o Won $500 scholarship in a Juniors competition (2005).
o Qualified and placed (51st / 400) again at nationals and one of the youngest players (2011).
o It may not sound like much, but Magic: the Gathering is a very skill intensive, thought intensive game; I really enjoy it, and it keeps my mind quick. It is like Chess in a sense, another game that I thoroughly enjoy because there are so many different strategies/plays. All in all, it’s thought intensive, and I may sound like a nerd, but I love it.</p>

<p>High school Clubs:
Quiz Bowl/Brain Games/Science Olympiad/Boy Scouts/Leap N Learn Tutor/Academic Decathlon/Key Club/Musical (Fresh Year)/Science Bowl only Senior Year/Opera</p>

<p>Very worried about my GPA. </p>

<p>My essays, as far as I can tell, although they are subjective, are phenomenal compared to other people's, but again, subjective.</p>

<p>Worried about GPA...

<p>When I saw your grades I thought no chance...but you have a lot of personality..hopefully the ad com will see that in your essays.</p>

<p>I was rejected last year (in state) with a similar GPA (w/ learning disability), a 2120 SAT, direct descendant of UNC's first student, and I was serving/had served on a variety of Local/State/National Boards/Commissions/Projects. The one guy UNC did accept from my school is failing out. Good luck... Make sure to apply to some schools that aren't so silly.</p>