Do I have any chance of being accepted?

I’m currently an in-state senior and New College is honestly my dream school- the body of students seem creative and intellectual, plus the unique educational style the school employs is exciting and individualized. Also it’s small and I really want to have a good relationship with my professors, not to mention it is financially ideal for my family. I really want to experience college in an intellectually stimulating atmosphere more than anything.

However, my stats aren’t the best because I struggled during my first two years of high school (getting mostly C’s) due to personal and family issues, but I have a very sharp upward trend starting junior year and earned straight A’s from there.

GPA: 3.59 W

ACT: 30 (English: 36, Math: 24, Reading: 36, Science: 24)

I will have taken seven AP classes by the time I graduate, but I’m not sure if that’s up to New College’s standards? I heard that difficulty of coursework is their most considered factor in admissions. However, I’ve earned a 5 on nearly all the AP tests I’ve taken.

I know the essay is important, and I’ve gotten good feedback on mine. I’m just not sure if my number of AP’s is academically rigorous enough or if my GPA and test scores are in range for New College. Also should I mention having documented learning disabilities on the application?

Yes, absolutely. You’re pretty much right in the middle/upper end of their accepted students. And if you show a lot of interest they will take that into account as well.

I strongly recommend it if you’re really interested in an intellectual atmosphere.